Can I really have palms in Oklahoma?

Yes! Some palm trees are more cold hardy than others and need little to no protection while others will need winter protection (if planted) or brought in doors.

Can you plant a palm tree I buy?

At this time we do not offer this service, but we can connect you with a landscape company who can.

How much sun or shade does a palm tree need?

This depends on the type of palm, some take full sun, some take full shade, while some are full to partial. We have each palm marked with what type of area is best.

When is the best time of the year to plant palm trees?

Palms like to be transplanted when they are actively growing. Spring and/or Summer are best, but some varieties can be planted year round.  

Is my palm tree dead?

If the center spear (newest frond) is brown and easily "pulls out" with a gentle tug, it is more than likely dead. However, is the center spear is still green and pulls it could have a chance at surviving. 

How are palm trees delivered?

Palms 1g or smaller will be shipped bareroot. All larger palms up to 4' will be shipped FedEx using "dim weight"

What type of soil should I use?

Use a well drained soil, while there are many good options I use a mixture of sand, perlite, potting soil. I great option that has those three things in it is Miracle Gro's Cactus, Palms. Citrus potting mix available at most big box stores.

Can I prepay for my plants?

Yes. Any plant purchased whether using venmo, cash, or CC can be picked up as far out as 7 days after payment. After 7 (calendar) days, but not more than 15 (calendar) days there will be a 15% stock fee before pickup.  After 15 (calendar) days there will be an additional 20% stock fee applied before pick up. After 30 days of non pick up of plants the payment is forfeited.

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