Taking PRE ORDERS:  SPRING 2024 

deposits for 30-gallon (+) palms!! 

*email or call TODAY for details!


Ok Palms is a local seller of many palms mainly cold hardy palms that if planted can survive Oklahoma winters without, minimal or with protection on extreme cold nights. Mainly selling windmill palms, Mexican fan Palms, Sabal palms, Needle palms, and Sabal minor.

I founded Ok Palms initially as a way to create youtube content on growing palms and tropicals in Oklahoma usda zone 7a/b. After realizing there is only a couple places to purchase trunking palms around Oklahoma (and very limited supplies and sizes) I decided to attempt to germinate several types of palms. Having success with germinating some palm seeds I built a greenhouse to help overwinter some stock. I also purchase good size quantities of palms from all over Texas to sell as well. Palms that are available range from seedling to 1 gal., 3gal., 5gal., and up. I also can purchase much larger if you're looking for anything bigger than a 7gal. 

While Oklahoma does have a native palm, yep! you read that right, the sabal minor aka McCurtain as in McCurtain County. It is one of the hardiest palms, but does not trunk. You CAN grow palm trees in warm areas of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cold winters.

*palms larger than 7gal. require a deposit.